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Step 1 - Select Courses

In Step 1 of the Online Registration, you select the courses you wish to add or drop. This page initially displays courses required to graduate from your program. If you previously selected courses for registration, those courses appear in the Selected Courses section.

Important Information About Registration Locks

The Schedule Change Lock and the Maximum Limit Lock registration lock statuses are evaluated upon adding a course from the Course Search section or the Quick Add section.

Note: When the new Add/Drop dates are displayed for each course section level on Step 1 of Online Registration, the Online Registration launch page displays the text Please see the course section for Add/Drop End Date (in the Registration Status section) and hides the 'Last Day to Add' and 'Last Day to Drop' columns.

By default the course list displays courses that are required in your program. Generally, courses that you have already taken and passed are not displayed. Courses that you failed are available for registration provided that you did not attempt the course more than the maximum number of times allowed by your institution.

The following image shows Step 1 of the Online Registration window in a SharePoint-based Portal.

Online Registration - Step 1

To select courses for Online Registration
  1. Use the Course Search section on the left side of the page to search for courses using the following search criteria:

  2. Click Search. The courses found are displayed in the Search Results area.

    Note: If you are enrolled in a term based program and you add a course through selection or Quick Add, the following verification occurs:

    1. If your enrollment is in a term based program, and
    2. If you have taken the course earlier, and if so,
    3. If you meet one of the following conditions:
      • You passed the course twice.
      • You failed the course the first time and passed it two times after failing it.
      • You passed the course the first time and failed the course the second time.
      • You dropped the course twice.
      • You passed the course the first time and dropped the course the second time.
      • You dropped the course the first time and passed the course the second time.
      • You passed the course the first time and the course is in Current status the second time.
      • You dropped the course the first time and the course is in Current status the second time. 

    If you meet one of these conditions, a message indicates that retaking the course will cause you to receive '0' enroll status credits. Once you register for the course, the enroll status credits value is set to '0' and the Retake TIV 2nd Credit Earned Zeroed field is set to '1'. The Retake TIV 2nd Credit Earned Value field will have the value that was previously in the Enroll Status Credits field.

    Some institutions may offer the option to re-register for courses such as Music or P.E. that are configured as repeat courses. If you select a course you have already taken that is designated as a repeat course, a message indicates that you have already taken the course. If you select 'Yes' to continue, you are allowed to re-register for the repeat course without needing the assistance of an advisor.

    Note: Some institutions offer the option of searching only for course sections that are currently open for registration instead of viewing all scheduled course sections. This can significantly reduce the time you spend looking for course sections that meet your schedule.

    If your institution offers this option, select Hide courses that are Full (no seats are available) from the Search Results. When this option is selected, the Search Results — Required Courses page only shows you courses with an Available or Waitlist status.

  3. From the list of available courses in the Search Results area, begin the process of adding courses to your schedule by clicking add course next to the desired course. A list of all course sections available for the selected course is displayed.

    The courses displayed in the Search Results area show only the course number, title, credits type and status. To view the sections offered for a course, you must click add course next to a course to view information about all sections offered for that course.

    For each section the following fields are displayed: 

  4. Complete your course selections and click Proceed to Final Step.

Quick Add Panel

Use the Quick Add feature if you know the Course Code and Section of a course you wish to register for. Click Add to insert the Course and Section into the Selected Courses area.

If found and all applicable prerequisites or corequisites are met, the desired course and section is placed in the Selected Courses area. If any prerequisite and/or corequisite requirements are not met, a message appears below the Add button indicating why registration in the desired course is not allowed.

Note: The Quick Add feature is also subject to the Exclude Drops/Allowable Attempts conditions described above.

Document Prerequisites

Registration prerequisite documents or permits are authorizations that allow a student to register for a selected course or course section. Courses that typically require permits for registration are internships, upper-level courses, and independent studies. A written permission is required for a student to register for such a course.

In Student Portal, if document authorization is required for any course, a PreReq link is displayed in the Add column. The symbol is displayed only if you submitted all required documents and the necessary prerequisites are satisfied.  

Click the PreReq link to view a list of all document prerequisites required for the course.

Click OK to close the dialog.

You cannot register for a course that does not satisfy document type prerequisite rules.

Once a permit is approved, you need to register for the course on or before the expiration date. After the expiration date, the permit document is not considered to be approved and registration fails. The following dialog is displayed if a document permit for a course/course section has expired.

If you add a course that has a prerequisite requirement using the Quick Add feature, the following dialog is displayed.

Unregistering from Courses

When the Step 1 - Select Courses screen is first displayed, the Selected Courses area shows all courses for that term in which you are currently registered. In most cases you may unregister from courses in which you are currently registered by clicking the icon next to the desired course in the Selected Courses area. You will be unregistered from the course as indicated by the course being removed from the Selected Courses area and returned to the Required Courses area.

If, however, the course that you are trying to unregister is a prerequisite to another course you are registered for, or a corequisite to a course in which you are already registered, a message shows the prerequisite/corequisite dependencies that are associated with the course you are attempting to unregister from. This message indicates the reasons preventing you from unregistering.  

You are not allowed to unregister from a course with prerequisite or corequisite dependencies unless you perform the following:

  1. For a course that is a prerequisite to another course, you must first unregister from the course that has the prerequisite requirement. You may then unregister from the course that was the prerequisite to the course that you just unregistered from.

  2. For a course that is a corequisite to another course that you are already registered for, you must unregister from all corequisite courses at the same time before clicking the Proceed to Final Step button. When you click for the first corequisite course you will be presented with the pop up warning message. Click for the remaining corequisite courses and then click Proceed to Final Step to complete the unregistration.